Dadala Mountain Lodge

This mountainlodge is at 2800m. altitude. So it is the mountain lodge on highest altitude in Turkey. It is on foot of Altıparmak Mountains. Dadala means flower in Laz language.
Dadala is about in 2 hours walking distance from Avusor highland (yayla)Dadala is about in 2 hours walking distance from Avusor highland (yayla) To reach the Lodge, you have to walk (climb up 550m)  the east hill ridge of Avusor and after the pass, go 100m. down and again go 100m up to the lodge. Lodge is accessible with mobile phone.
If you request, you can rent a horst from mountainlodge for carring your lagage. (in Avusor the mobile phone doesn't work so you have to call the mountain lodge from Ayder or from an earlier point.) od "muhlama" with their own cheese and butter.

For climbing Altiparmak summit this place is most appropriate accomodation point.
Contact: 0536 512 67 24 / 0542 685 52 35

Simge Mountain Lodge and Pansion

This lodge has 20 beds. It is located at 2300m. altitude in Avusor highland. It is the most highest located house in Avusor. Simge Pension has own caws so that they offer for breakfast very good milk, butter & cheese. They have also a pool for fresh fishes.
This lodge is one of the cleanest lodge in high-land village. Shower and WC are shared but very clean. Warm water is available. Price per person 35USD (2012)breakfast included. if breakfast and dinner included 46 USD (2012) dir.
Mobile: Reşit Kesici 0535 366 29 98
On Avusor highland the mobile phone does not work. Therefore if you can't reach the given phone, you can still get information from the following phone:
0542 798 53 53
Lodge is open from June untill October.

From lodge you can walk in 1 hour to Avusor Lake. From Simge Lodge you can walk aproximately in 2 hours to Dadala Mountain Lodge. (2800m.) From Simge Lodge you can climb to 'Kemerli Kackar', Achovit or Altiparmak summits in one day. Again from Simge Pension, you can cross 'Kirmizi Gedik' pass (3200m.) to the south part of Kackar mountains until 'Libler lake' in one day.

Adalı Göl Pansion

Adali Pension is located at Kaçkar Mountains Altıparmak Region on Koçdüzü high land. It is opened between June and October. Pension has 24 bed capacity.
Contact: +90 535 322 38 08 (I think they can not speak English))

From Avusor Simge Pension, you can walk at 3 hours by walking. (There is no street for cars)

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Plato'da Mola Pension

It is located on west mountain ridge of Ayder. It is opened between June and October. Platoda Mola Pension is almost at Boutique Hotel standard. The price for 2013 is 100TL per person with breakfast and dinner included.
Contact: Yasemin Şişman +90 535 777 93 96

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Demirkazik Mountain Lodge:+90-388-724 72 00

Located in Nigde Aladaglar, Demirkazık village. It has 85 bed capacity. The Lodge belongs to Youth & Sport City Consul.

Tel:+90-388-724 72 00

ORDOS Nevzat Öntaş Aladaglar Lodg

It is in the same area with Demirkazik Mountain Lodge. It belong to Middle East Technical University.

Terms of Use

Aladağlar Camping

This place has bungalows, camping area and cafe with view to mountains. It is ideal place to rest before starting expeditions, for daily climbing tours, or acommodate in mount village after expeditions, before you leave the region.

The resort is owned by Zeynep and Recep who are climbers. They opened a lot of new climbing routes in the region. You can get detailed information on this house about Aladaglar region.

Cancık Pansion (Kackar Mountains)

After Camlihemsin you must go to direction Zilkale. After 2 hours you will reach to Cat and you can accommodate in Cancik Pension. Cancik Pension has very good kitchen with local foods.

Elevit Kartal Hotel

The road in Cat has a cross in Cancik Pension. If you follow Elevit direction (left) after 1 hour ( approximately 7 km.) You will reach Elevit Yaylasi. You can accommodate in Kartal Lodge in Elevit Yayla
Tel: 0464-654 40 75

Zeytince Mountain Lodge

Zeytince Mountain Lodge

This lodge is arroud Iznik lake (1 hour from Istanbul). There are several trekking tours from the lodge guided by Atila Ulas.

Fırtına Pension

Firtina Pansion is in Camlihemsin (Kackar Mountains) - Senyuva Villige. Several trekking activities are possible from this lodge.

İstanbul Pension (Ayder Yaylası)

If you don't need higher comfort, you can stay on Ayder Pansion which is rebuilt from an old highland farmer hut.

Tel: +90-464-651 70 68,
Mobile: +90-535 553 16 67